What Happens to My Service When it Snows?

The Wolf Dog playing with a ball in the snow
Bad weather policy:

In the case of bad weather such as falling rain or snow or extreme temperatures (above 100F or below 0F) we reserve the right to change your service day for that week.  Normally the scoopers try to come the day before if bad weather is predicted.  If not the day before, then within 3 days past.  We rarely work on Sundays.   If we have to miss a service visit we do not charge for that missed day.  If we have to miss two service calls in a row due to bad weather (only happened once, in 2007) we would charge nothing for the first missed service call and half charge for the second.  The half charge is needed because on the third service call we would be dealing with three weeks of waste and only charge for one and a half visits. 

Be sure to check our Weather and News section for updates on Denver weather and service closures.