Price List

Residential Rates

Weekly Service:

  • $9.25 for one dog
  • $13.75 for two dogs
  • $16.50 for three dogs

Twice Weekly Service:

  • $7.50 per visit - one dog
  • $9.50 per visit - two dogs
  • $11.00 per visit - three dogs

Every Other Week Service:

  • $16.75 for one dog
  • $21.00 for two dogs
  • $24.00 for three dogs                 

Commercial Rates

COMMERCIAL BIDS are available for multi-resident dwellings, commercial properties, HOAs, and property managers.

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Dogs in leaves

Note: There may be an additional charge for very large yards. If your dogs "go" in areas where there are obstacles in your yard, such as tall weeds, large areas of rocks, excessive fallen leaves, tall grass, or debris that could cause your scooper to spend extra time in your yard, there could be an extra charge. This would be determined in advance.
Contact the office regarding custom schedules 
and rates on four dogs or more.

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